When you want to buy a new snowboard, whether you go to a bricks and mortar store or on the Internet, you will encounter some expressive terms and phrases about the boards that may be a tiny bit puzzling. One of those words when talking about a characteristic of a snowboard is flex.

Flex means how easy or difficult it is to bend a snowboard when you try bending it along its length. You will become aware that some boards are stiffer than others and it takes more force which regularly means the board has a thicker core. Boards that are harder to flex regularly grip the snow better and are more firm. They impart bigger force on the surface of the snow.

Because of the bigger grip and maneuverability they make available, racers and heavier riders will have a preference for stiffer boards.

On the other hand, softer-flexing boards are more fitting to lighter and less aggressive riders as well as the type of snowboarders who prefer performing freestyle tricks. Boards that are softer flexing have thinner cores and are by and large lighter.

A snowboard also is made with what is called as a flex pattern. This means the level of flex that the board is capable of at different points. A board may be stiff at the tip and soft at the heel or vice-versa. The mixture of the numerous flexes to the board is the flex pattern. The various types of materials used in the manufacture of snowboards allows for a selection of flex patterns and consequently there will be a noticeable difference in the way one board performs compared to another.

First you should work out what type of rider you are - aggressive or non-aggressive, heavy or light - and then the type of snowboarding you want to do - freeride or mountain freestyle. Factors such as these will help you in deciding the type of flex you will be looking for in your new snowboard.

There are many snowboard manufacturers in the industry so the job of buying a snowboard could be a tough one. Snowboards HQ reviews many of the makers out there as well as the range of snowboards on hand for sale.

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