palmer-burn1The Palmer Burn is primarily a freestyle snowboard but it holds the edge so adequately that it can also be used as an all-mountain board. As Palmer puts it, the Burn is soft enough for technical freestyle riding, but torsionally stiff enough for high-speed turns.

The board is constructed of lightweight Nomex Honeycomb in the tip and tail and is combined with the solidity of beech/poplar woodcore. 

This is a board that remains incredibly stable at high speeds and is able to land with ease. While it performs in the park, it is not quite as strong a performer as some other park brands.

The Palmer Burn is the kind of board that you will look for when you're ready to make the move from your beginner board to the next stage. It's a versatile board that is perfectly suitable for the snowboarder who has been at it for a few years.

Take it to the park or take it down the mountain at speed. The Burn will reward the intermediate to experienced snowboarder.

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Palmer Burn Snowboard
Palmer Burn Snowboard
Time Remaining: 13d 13h 58m
Buy It Now for only: $225.00

Features of the Palmer Burn include:

  • Klothoid sidecut
  • Nomex Honeycomb Tip to Tail
  • NCF Prepreg
  • Beech/Poplar woodcore
  • Sublimated Stone Ground 4400 Isospeed Base

The Palmer Burn sizes height (waist) - 154 (251), 158 (252), 160 (253), 162 (254).

This is a snowboard that has a lot going for it with the versatility factor that will appeal to many snowboarders. A further appealing feature that will also have people flocking to it is the price which puts it in the bargain basement category. It's a lot of snowboard for the price.

The Palmer Burn was the inaugural winner of Transworld's Good Wood Top 10.

This snowboard is part of the impressive line-up of Palmer Snowboards that are available to buy.

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