nitro-team-front-and-back1The Nitro team Art Attack snowboard is a very nice riding snowboard that is versatile enough to perform a few tricks yet stiff enough to get some great speed with the forgiveness you need to make those landings. It is also a very striking looking board with some outstanding artwork put into the front side.

This is a directional twin shaped, medium flex board to give you the capability to ride the groomed runs and then take it for some big jumps.

The board features Dual Degressive Sidecuts which means it is meant to have superior landing and take off capabilities yet it will still be able to make some powerful turns. Also adding to the turning capabilities of the board is the Bi-Lite fiberglass construction materials used in the board. This fibreglass material helps add to the board’s flex too.

The board comes in a range of artwork depending on the board length you use. Pictured here is the artwork for the 157.0 board.

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The available dimensions for the Nitro Team Art Attack boards are 162 (waist 25.4 cm), 159 (waist 25.2 cm), 157 (waist 25.0 cm), 155 (waist 24.8 cm), 152 (waist 24.6 cm).

Features :
Power Core made from tip to tail with poplar wood construction giving the board strength, feel and flex.
Bi-Lite Fiberglass Construction
Dual Degressive Sidecut
Profile tips that are tapered to disperse energy and reduce swing weight
Hi-Def FH Base

Board Specs

Response Rating : 4
Effective Edge (cm) : 119.0
Nose / Tail (cm) : 29.2
Waist (cm) : 25.0
Sidecut (m) : 11.3/7.3/11.3

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