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jeenyus-festerThe Jeenyus Fester snowboard has a shape that can best be described as a near twin shape and is a soft flex board. It can be comfortably put through its paces in the park although it will also handle the groomed slopes admirably.

Not only does this board come in the standard sizes, it is also available in a wide board that sits at 155 cm in length and a waist of 26.0 cm.

The Jeenyus snowboards are no longer being produced but they have proven over the years to be extremely popular and for good reason. The Jeenyus Fester is still available in limited numbers and is ideal for all types of snowboarders from the beginner to intermediate.

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Features of the Jeenyus Fester include:

  • Vertically Laminated Wood Core
  • Sidewall Construction
  • Radial Sidecut
  • Extruded Base

The Jeenyus Fender sizes height (waist) - 148, 154, 155 (W), 159 (W).

Jeenyus snowboards did not go in for flashy or showy bases, they were made with one function in mind, to be the best snowboards in their market. The company was bought out in 2004 by Burton Snowboards indicating the esteem with which the boards are held.

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