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The Jeenyus Wedge snowboard is a directional shape snowboard that has been designed to be thrown all over the mountain in any capacity the rider can think of. This is an all-out fun snowboard that will give great turning ability thanks to the long effective edge. With a poplar wood base the friction underneath is reduced to a minimum giving you plenty of speed but with a forgiveness that will keep the inexperienced rider safe from unexpected falls.

Snowboarding Style : All-mountain
Experience Level : Beginner to Intermediate
Board Features : Sintered 4400 Base, Poplar wood core, Bi-axial glass laminate

Board Lengths (cm) : 152, 155, 157, 159

The Manufacturer Says:

A snowboard is nothing without a snowboarder, and the snowboard is simply a vehicle for fun, which comes for the creativity of the person riding it. The Jeenyus Wedge is designed to be the one great directional shape that any rider can use to turn dreams into reality anywhere, any condition.

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