Welcome to Snowboards HQ where you will have the opportunity to buy from a wide range of new and used snowboards at low prices.

There are literally hundreds upon hundred of different models of snowboards on the market from a wide range of snowboard manufacturers. You can expect to pay anywhere from between $300 to $800 for a new board, although there are many "almost new" snowboards available for sale at a fraction of that price.

Sims snowboard

The majority of the snowboards available fall under one of four categories: freeride, Alpine (freecarve), racing and freestyle.

In order to buy the snowboard that suits your needs best it is a good idea to know your way around the board itself, learning about the design and how it works. The terminology of the snowboard from front to back is tip, edges (or rails), tail and side cut. The top of the board is known as the deck. Other parts that you may want to be able to name includes the bindings, stomp pad or non-skid pad, leash. Snowboards are also cambered rather than dead flat.

Snowboard Manufacturers

Snowboards are made by many snowboard manufacturers and many of their boards are available to buy at Snowboards HQ. No matter what type of snowboarding you intend on doing there is a board here that will fulfill your needs.

Follow the links to more details about each of the snowboard manufacturers listed below.

Arbor Snowboards
Arbor Snowboards
Atomic Snowboards
Burton Snowboards
Burton Snowboards

Jeenyus Snowboards

K2 Snowboards
Lamar Snowboards
Gnu Snowboards
Never Summer logo
Never Summer Snowboards
Nidecker Snowboards
Forum Snowboards
Forum Snowboards
Nitro Snowboards
Nitro Snowboards
Ride Snowboards
Ride Snowboards
Rossignol Snowboards Logo
Rossignol Snowboards
Sims Snowboards
 Rome Snowboards logo
Rome Snowboards
Roxy Snowboards
Salomon Snowboards
M3 Snowboards
5150 Snowboards
Flow Snowboards Logo
Flow Snowboards
Santa Cruz Logo
Santa Cruz Snowboards
Head Snowboards
Morrow Snowboards

Palmer Snowboards

Capita Snowboards
Elan Snowboards
Oxygen Snowboards
Avalanche Snowboards
Bataleon Snowboards
Step Child Snowboards

There is a wide selection of quality snowboards from the top manufacturers. These snowboards are either new or used and are available to buy right now, quality enough to be classified virtually as good as new, yet some of these are cheap secondhand snowboards that will still represent great value for money.

Apart from snowboards that you might consider to be standard width you can also buy wide snowboards that cater specifically to the larger snowboarder. A wide snowboard looks and performs the same way as a standard snowboard but the waist – the part that draws in at the center of the board – is wider than other boards. This is where the snowboarder will place their feet and the requirement for the wider snowboard is to accommodate the stance as well as the added weight of the rider.

There are plenty of opportunities here to find snowboards on sale, they may be second hand or used snowboards or they may simply be discount snowboards where the retailer has decided to clear the end of their stock before the new season’s products arrive. There are plenty of quality snowboards available at cheap or reasonable prices.

It doesn’t matter what your snowboarding experience is. There are snowboards for beginners and snowboards for the more experience riders. Simply select your preferred snowboard manufacturer from the brands displayed above and you will be taken to the pages where there are many snowboards for sale.

If you want to buy cheap snowboards or buy new snowboards no matter what the cost, there is a selection available that should satisfy everyone. Browse through the snowboards for sale and then enjoy your snowboarding experience.

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